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― Roadside station WEB channel ―

Roadside station provides the richness and blessing of the region.

Enjoy a warm and comfortable atmosphere
Drop in the “Roadside station” For a break to take relaxing time while driving  or  taking a walk
around Kotohiki Park or Ariakehama.
We provide a space where anyone can relax and be kind.

Facility list

We have various facilities such as shop selling local specialties, a direct selling shop for fresh vegetables, handmade shop, “World Coin Hall” named after the coin-shaped sand painting, and locals. In addition to the “Ohira Masayoshi Memorial Hall” that introduces the achievements of former Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira, there are various facilities such as the “Kotohiki Cafe” that has the flavour of “Taisho romance”.

Facility list

View spots

The must-visit view spots in and around Kanonji.

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