A cafe where you can spend each time relaxing in a nostalgic space

The moment you see the exterior, you will feel nostalgic, and if you step inside, you will travel back in time. It is a slightly special and cozy cafe that takes advantage of the atmosphere of the building built in 1914. Enjoy your favorite coffee in a calm space, talk with friends, read a book, concentrate on your work, and spend your time to your heart’s content.

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The Kotohiki Cafe building was built in 1914 as the Mitoyo-gun Agricultural Association Agricultural Experiment Station.
After that, it was used as an industrial business hall, but in April 1918, the Kanonji Municipal Sanuki Museum was added to the business hall, and in 1945, the Sanuki Museum was officially established.
After the war, it opened as a Sanuki Museum alongside the municipal library, and in 1955, it became a city at the same time as the city system came into effect.
In 1979, it was partially dismantled and repaired in order to preserve the building and function as a museum, and in June 1980, it became the Kannonji Folk Museum and was used as a museum until March 2018.
In March 1998, these buildings received a report from the National Council for the Protection of Cultural Properties, and in September of the same year, they were registered as nationally registered tangible cultural properties.

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Year-end and New Year holidays (December 29-January 1)

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